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Vasectomy saves a family of 15 children

Vasectomy saves a family of 15 children

Mr Zabron (54), resident of Nyakitondo Village in Kasulu District, is the father of 15 children, eight from his first wife who has already departed, and sevenchildren from his current wife who he married after the demise of his first wife.  Zabron who is a farmer says, after the death of his first wife he thought he would be happy marrying another wife which he did because he was still sexually active. “I currently have about 5 children who I take care of fully and also my daughter who got pregnant while at home, so I am taking that responsibility too” Zabron says. He does that through his farming activities cultivating seasonal food crops for family consumption and sells surplus to keep him going.

Zabron is owning a two-bedroom house that he stays with his wife and children, one room is for him and his wife and the other is for the children who sleeps on the floor.

“I have been thinking about the family planning services and asking myself too many questions”, Zabron. After being visited and advised by the CHW Deodatus Ntenegere, then he opted for the vasectomy, and since then is doing fine, managing his family, producing at his family level, and is healthier and enjoying life. I very much thank the CHW who took time to pay me a visit and the right information that he shared including the reference to the facility where I met service providers who provided the method.

“Now my wife is healthy and works well without thinking of another pregnancy next month or breastfeeding while farming, also the benefits of this service is that the production we make currently is for the available children and not other unexpected pregnancies”. Zabron pointed out.

Zabronmentioned that what has motivated him to opt for the vasectomy was the family size against the available resources especially economic resources, there was no means of accessing the basic needs, like clothes, food, shelter leave alone education and the issue of health. “Our farming activities involves walking 8 kilometers to the farming fields and that has been torturing me for a while because I was concerned seeing my wife walking that long distance while pregnant and after with a baby at the back and still do the farming.

His wife says, she has been getting pregnant back-to-back, before a child reaches two years, she was already having another pregnancy. This hindered their production capacity because children have many needs and they get sick more often from malaria, cough or diarrhea. “It is for that reason that we decided to discuss and agree on the family planning method that would help us work well and provide for our children.”