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A story of Mariam Haruni –   CHW and Youth SRHR champion  For many years, women and girls in Kimamba ward have been victims of maternal death, unplanned pregnancies and teenage pregnancies. Lack of comprehensive knowledge on family planning and contraceptive choices among community members and religious and traditional beliefs in the area restricted women and […]


Nesia (not her real name), a twenty-one (21) year old young woman who resides in Mkimbizi ward Iringa, graduated from secondary school in 2020. Her grades were not good to pursue advanced secondary school studies and her parents were unable to afford vocational training for her. As a result, Nesia was left at home with […]

In the midst of strong negative social norms, this couple prevails as champions of change.

| Richard Ryaganda In the face of challenging negative social norms, Paschal Julius Gekondo (23 years old) and his wife, Paulina Mafuru (20 years old), have emerged as beacons of change in their community. Living in Nyamimange ward in the Mara region, Paschal supports his family through farming, ensuring his wife and daughter are well […]

Policy makers can decide on reducing maternal morbidity and mortality

| Richard Ryaganda Globally, approximately 41% of all pregnancies are unintended. This means that about 99 million women each year will experience an unintended pregnancy (Guttmatcher, 2016). Around half of these pregnancies will end in abortion Ibid. In Tanzania, it is estimated that one million women get unintended pregnancy of which 39% end in abortion […]

Suzana dedicated to improving healthcare system

She wants UMATI to incorporate community members’ opinions on sustainability and equality in order to become a well-known and indispensable resource for reproductive health Dar es Salaam. There is no hesitancy when it comes to policies that promote gender balance or equality: UMATI was the first local organisation in Tanzania to provide sexual and reproductive […]

Leaving no youth behind: UMATI’s youth weekend clinics in Katavi

Richard Ryaganda, Communications Specialist, UMATI Mussa Mndemle, Field Officer, WISH2ACTION, UMATI Renee Sewe, Communications Advisor -WISH2ACTION, IPPF Africa Region. Featured image: James Kiduo reading SRH educational material with his peers. Photo by WISH2ACTION Tanzania. 12 August 2022: International Youth Day is a day designated by the United Nations to recognize the importance of the youth and […]

#WPD2022 ‘A world of 8 billion: Towards Resilient Futures for Youth

Written by: Richard Ryaganda –  Communications Lead In Tanzania, one in ten women in aged 15-49 has undergone FGM. Of these, 35 per cent underwent FGM before the age of one. Manyara have the highest prevalence of female genital mutilation incidences of 58%.. The 2022 World Population Day commemoration in Tanzania took place in Manyara region […]

SRH MP Champions to advocate for AYFS budget increment

Written by: Richard Ryaganda –  Communications Lead In the quest to ensure accessible sexual reproductive health youth friendly services across the country, Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania (UMATI), recently convened 20 members of parliaments from the United Republic of Tanzania National Assembly. These members of parliament are also champions on sexual reproductive health issues. […]