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Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania (UMATI) is an autonomous, not for profit, non-political national NGO providing Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) information, education and services in Tanzania. UMATI was established in 1959 and is a full Member Association (MA) of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF); recently accredited by IPPF in June, 2015. UMATI is governed by a well-established policy volunteer structure from the national to community grass roots level. The volunteers devote their time and expertise to promote and maintain the MA and its functions.

Organization capacity and experience in SRH& Rights Programmes:

Since its inception, the Association has been responding to various national and international challenges for its growth. This move contributed to the accumulated experience in providing quality Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) information and service in the country. In the new strategic plan, the Association has been reviewing and remodelling itself in line with the imperative challenges to move towards youth focused SRH services.  UMATI have undergone an improved change in its focus from Family Planning to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) where young people between 10-24 years of age remain the primary target group.

In year 2000, UMATI went through a paradigm shift which among other things marked the decentralization on decision making for the Association. It involved the establishment of four administrative zonal offices. Through the undertaken decentralization each zone office has a mandate to make decisions geared towards its growth and development.

Most recently, UMATI adapted a new 3 years Strategic plan (2016-2019) with a context of strategic direction will focus on 4 main Outcome includes:-

  •   Influence & support review of national policies and Advocates for domestication & Implementation of global and regional commitment.
  •   Empower young people (10-24yrs) to make safer choices regarding Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and use youth networks and clubs to reach out more young people (10-24yrs)
  •  Provision of integrated quality services through UMATI owned facilities while building capacity to other partners to deliver integrated quality services on our behalf
  •  Build strong operational institution with effective Governance and Volunteer structure and double the association revenue 

UMATI has enormous experience in working with key populations in implemented various interventions and programs/projects like “Young Men as Equal Partners in SRH” in collaboration with RFSU targeting young men under the theme of Male involvement in SRHR; Young Voices for Change project with support of DFID;  CHAMPION project under Engender Health targeting men, Addressing SRH for female youth working in informal sector in Kilimanjaro region in collaboration with four partners (DSW, 4H, Local government and private institutions), ISHI campaign under FHI360 targeting youth and Girls empowerment in addressing GBV with support of FORWARD.

Recently with support from IPPF, UMATI implemented initiatives on SRH& Rights targeting key population particularly female sex workers through outreach approach in Tanga, Dar es Salaam (Temeke) and Morogoro. Through such interventions, the Association has gained adequate experience in working with men and females using innovative strategies in the area of SRH related issues including gender transformation and HIV/AIDS prevention and integration of economic empowerment via their involvement and participation.

In some of its Project UMATI has been able to work with prisoners and the community around prisons by conducting a cervical cancer screening, testing and early treatment.

Among the innovative and unique successful projects includes Young Men as Equal Partners (YMEP), Young Voices for Change (YVC) and Sexuality Education for Young Adolescents in schools (SES). Others includes Teenage mothers program for income generating activities at Temeke Youth Centre (Saving young girls who were expelled from school due to pregnancy), Dar es Salaam and Mbeya. The main purpose of this intervention was to empower the girl child by integrating Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights information and services and economic empowerment, Peer education program, Community based program. Implement the Intervention targeting female young people working in the informal sector in Kilimanjaro region, and girl’s empowerment initiative in Musoma to mention some. UMATI has useful documentations on lessons learnt for these projects worth sharing with partners.

Community based service providers used by UMATI have improved the delivery of quality service and therefore increase the number of people particularly young boys and girls aged 10-24 years accessing sexual and reproductive health information and services through our clinic , youth centres and the outreach program across all zones.

UMATI has competent staff and programme and strong volunteers structure who also working as community based service providers to implement programme activities. The Association works in collaboration with different partners including the central and local government structure. It also collaborates with various development partners and donors like MOHSW, MOEVT, TACAIDS, Sida, DFID, JOICFP, JICA, Engender Health, UNESCO, RFSU, Global Fund Project, UNFPA, FHI, DSW, TANROADS, AFRICARE, AMREF, FORWARD for Comic Relief, CIDA, AFP- HDT, Gates Foundation, MERCK (MSD), Pathfinder International and the parent organization IPPF. 

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