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Pamoja Tuwalee OVC Project

The Pamoja Tuwalee MVC Project is a five year project with the aim of improving the wellbeing of Most Vulnerable Children and their caretakers within the project catchment area. To achieve this goal, UMATI will provide technical assistance to sub grantees and volunteers on Adolescents sexual and reproductive health, youth participation and prevention of HIV/AIDS for youths. Various approaches and activities will be employed including development of child protection policy at sub grantees level, distribution of youth participation strategy, capacity building for youths and development and distribution of BCC/IEC materials.

 Specific objectives:

  1. To improve quality of information on priority child protection needs at the community level by the end of year 2013
  2. Increase awareness on rights of children, youth reproductive health and HIV&AIDS by the end of 2013.
  3. Increased child participation at community level by end of year 2013.

 The project will be implemented at Singida, Dodoma, Iringa and Njombe regions whereby the primary target will be Most Vulnerable children. The households/ caretakers and local government authorities will be involved for sustainability of initiatives.

 Special Clients Focus: Most Vulnerable Children

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