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Integrating HIV/AIDS Related Services to SRH

The project will concentrate on key population people like sex workers because this group is one of the group that has been excluded in our society due to traditional and cultures, and Country law that does not recognize them legally. The motor cycle drivers commonly known as (Boda Boda) whom currently shows to be in   high risk will be targeted with promotion of condoms use. HIV/AIDS services will be scaled up through provision of information, education and services, Partnership with other health facilities both government and private to strengthen referral, commodity support and managing opportunistic infections. All UMATI clinics will conduct VCT through static and outreach approach. Male circumcision services will be promoted through existing UMATI clinics as a way of prevention towards HIV/AIDS transmission.


  1. To increase access to SRH and HIV services among the general population and MARPs from 7268 in 2012  to11,628      people by the end of 2013.
  2. To increase access to SRH and HIV information, education and services among the key population (150 sex workers) by the end of 2013.

 Implementation location: Morogoro, Mwanza, Kabwe-Mbeya, and Tanga,

 Special client focus: Sexually active people in Tanzania.

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