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Integrated abortion and safe motherhood related services

In 2013 the project will continue to provide awareness on abortion related issues through meetings, health talks and focus group discussions complimented by developed IEC/BCC materials for distribution. The focus will be to provide integrated abortion related SRH and HIV services at all clinics. Abortion related services will include provision of integrated abortion related services which include post abortion care (cPAC), safe motherhood, Comprehensive Family Planning, Laboratory services and Mini Pharmaceutical services. Others will include management of the top ten diseases. Strategies will include static facilities, outreach services and IEC/BCC. Male friendly services will be introduced at static facility. Also the project will emphasize on cost recovery to facilitate sustainability and expansion of service delivery on subsidized cost sharing rates. The project will target most at risk and marginalized people through mobile outreach.

 Specific Objectives.

  1. Increase proportion of young people aged 10-24, women at reproductive age men and community leaders who will be able to describe at least 4 causes and consequences of unsafe abortion.
  2.  To increase clientele for abortion related services from  110,645 (Jan-June 2012 report) to 287,677by the end of 2013
  3. Strengthen the capacity of 26 service providers on integrated abortion related services by the end of 2013

 Implementation Location: Mwanza, Morogoro, Mbinga, Moshi and Dodoma.

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