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Channeling Men’s Positive Involvement in the National HIV/AIDS Response (CHAMPION)

The project focus on promoting supportive social norms that discourage multiple partnering, violence, and sexual coercion and promote positive health-seeking behavior by men, including male participation in health services and in the national HIV response. The implementation of project uses the social ecological model approach which acts at multiple levels to achieve individual and societal gender transformation to address the HIV epidemic.  The process of transformation gender roles in the society by the project is done in three primary ways:-

  • Promote gender norms that portray men as supportive partners,
  • Promote gender norms that portray men as clients of clinical HIV services and
  • Transform gender norms      regarding men as agents of social      change.

The project will contribute on the reduction of new HIV/AIDS    infection at community level whereby the community structure will play a role in transforming gender related issues.


  1. To strengthen individual skills and knowledge
  2. To support community engagement initiatives around gender, HIV, and reproductive health
  3. To promote male engagement in RH and HIV/AIDS services
  4. To mobilize workplace environments to advance gender equality and constructive male engagement in HIV prevention and reproductive health promotion (Mbeya only)

 Implementation location: Kibaha, Temeke and Mbeya

 Special client focus: Adult men and women (Sexually active people in Tanzania.)

Over Twenty Years Of Experience

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