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This is the family of Mr. and Mrs. Kawiche from Rombo in Mrao. The couple has 15 children but soon after being educated and counseled on Family Planning they accepted to use long term Family Planning method (Bilateral Tubal Ligation)



}  The awareness of family planning has increased because of Community Based Service Providers (CBSPs) field visit conducted in the villages

}  The clinic attendance of under five children has increased as well since the women in the village are now educated on the importance of taking children to the clinics for vaccination and other services.

}  The community is has been well developed in building toilets and environmental conservation.

}  Utilization modern family planning methods has now increased among the youth which can be observed by increase in use of male and female condoms.

}  Maternal mortality rate has reduced in Kilimanjaro region; by 2012 it was 126/100,000 and in 2013 it dropped to 109/100,000 all due to the work done by CBSPs and other stakeholders to improve the health of women and children (source data Comprehensive Council Health Plan (CCHP), 2012&2013) in the region.

}  The project extended its working area; for example out of 23 societies under G32, 21 have already been reached with the project, CBPs have been trained and 70 out 65 of Kilimanjaro Native Cooperation Union (KNCU) members have been reached as well.

}  CBSPs get good cooperation from the health centres after being officially introduced in the handing over process; for example now CBSPs can give referral forms to their clients to get more help from the nearby health centres where clients are well attended.

}  Men are now aware on the importance of being involved in reproductive health matters to the point that some men are attending Reproductive and Child Health clinics with their wives and they also choose family planning methods together.

}  CBSPs have helped to reduce stigma towards people who are HIV/AIDS positive in the community; for example some CBSPs do home based care programs where they visit people who have been affected by HIV, educate them and encourage them while also educating some family members on how to intermingle and live with their relatives who are HIV positive.


}  Through the project we have managed to create a good working relationship between UMATI, ZENSHO, G32 and KNCU and the coffee farmers.

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