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Afya ya Uzazi ni Haki ya Kijana – TUITETEE!

The project will continue to Youth Friendly Services and information in the area of adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights as well as youth friendly services. Strategies will include, using network of young people through trained peer educators, recruited YAM members, drama groups and trained school teachers and health providers. Others are including IEC/BCC on rights based approach and community mobilization through outreach and partnering with local media for promotion of SRH rights of young people and publicity of SRH services. The project is implemented in partnership with AMREF who is working in DSM and UMATI is working in Iringa. 

 Broad Objective

To promote realization of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and access to SRH services among 100,000 young people in Iringa and Dar es Salaam regions

 Specific objectives

1.1    Approximately 100,000 young people (10-24 years old) in Iringa and Dar-Es-Salaam realize their sexual reproductive health rights and exercise it by demanding for quality and friendly sexual reproductive health services.

1.2    To increase resources for provision of friendly sexual reproductive health services for young people in at least

30% of the existing health facilities.

 Implementation location: Iringa Mtwivila Youth Centre in the Southern Highlands zone.

Over Twenty Years Of Experience

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